Cartwheels offers UX Design and Development that allows companies to build the bridge between their products and their users.

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Proudly introducing our UX products

UX Gravity

Dramatically improve your products output by giving your users an highly intuitive, enjoyable experience with the only holistic UX roadmap delivering the perfect user experience for your website or app every time.

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Discovery is a set of questions and activities which takes you through the process to unearth exactly who your target audience is. The report you get at the end of this will be your key to success for your entire project.


Vision is where we map out what your user wants, create routes for them, strategically break up copy, place call to action buttons so their overall journey is an intuitive and high quality experience.


Design is where we give your product the X factor, everything we've learnt through Discovery and Vision will guide us into making the right decision on every colour, image and font we need to make a successful converting website or app.

Creating unique experiences that inspire personal connections

Why hire us?

The way UX Gravity works and what we do will dramatically change your life, if your users can't find their way through your product, by giving users an experience that's enjoyable, intuitive, and one which helps them find their way through your website or app and maximises the value they get from it, therefore we will be improving the conversions, their happiness and your life in general.

We promise that after collaborating with us and working together you will not only have great website or app but a product that now speaks directly to the right user and will see us as a valuable partner for all of your future products.

If you're not catering for your users needs, you won't be meeting their expectations in a world where customers demand for a high quality, intuitive user experience is common place.

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We're excited to work with leaders and people whole genuinely want to improve the lives of their customers.

The best way to ensure we're a good fit and we can help you build a more profitable, engaging website or app is to get down and detailed on your current reality. If you have questions, get in touch and we'll discuss the next steps.

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