3 of the best ways you can build your email list in 2017

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Building an online community and creating an audience is the key to getting your customers engaged in your service or product.

One easy way you can do this is by collecting email addresses.

You’ve probably been stood in a cafe waiting to pay and you have noticed a fish bowl beside the till that says ‘Win a free meal for you and your lover this valentines day, just drop your business card in here’ or words to that effect… you might think, ‘Oh la la… that’s generous’ but what’s really going on here is that the cafe is just collecting email addresses to use for a mailing list so they can send you special offers, new menu’s etc etc…. so with a very low cost and minimal effort they have a captive audience.

Here is 3 ways you can start getting your email list together

• For example, if your business is a cafe, restaurant or shop… I’ve nailed that one above, the simple fishbowl technique.

• Create some free content that people will want to download on your website, to download it they will have to add their email address to unlock the content. If you’re on my website or are visiting my website www.cartwheelsdigitial.com.au you will see a link at the bottom of every page encouraging visitors to download my free ebook. This simple action allows me to collect addresses from potential new clients every day, even while I sleep.

• Add a pop up window to your website (Here’s the boring bit, but be careful though as Google have just announced a crack down on websites using pop ups on mobile, they will be penalising you from 2017). Tell them the main benefit for them subscribing to your mailing list, such as ‘This will really help your business etc…’ There is plenty of free resources that make it simple to add in a pop up opt in form on your site, here’s a few to get you started:

•  Get your fans on Facebook to sign up to your mailing list. You can do this by connecting your current email service provider, such as MailChimp, to your Facebook page.

Here are a handful of providers that can help you set this up:

When you have done that, you’ll just add in a tab on your Facebook page and try and get your Facebook fans off of your Facebook page and engaged in your website.

What next…. after you have shared this article 😉 ?

Put your engaging content together in an email newsletter and send out new content at least once a month to keep people engaged. Create beautiful, helpful, engaging content that you think your customers would love to read, don’t bore them with ‘We’ve done this, we’ve done that… we’re great… blah… blah…’ think of them, think of what you think they would like to know, are you running a discount, are your running a free workshop, a free Valentines meal…. whatever it is, think of them first.

If you’re serious about wanting to build your email list, download my Free email marketing ebook here.

Did I mention ‘Please Share’… Do it… Go!


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