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How to niche down and boost business

September 21, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

Niche your business image

Boring title, why should I read this…? Well, I’m here to tell you that finding your business niche is the single most important thing you can do to really help your business. This is why competitors get the edge over you and this is why companies can grow so big.

I have recently done this and feel 10 billion times more comfortable in what I do, how much I charge and who I target with any marketing… and I actually save money!

Get your website working for you this week!

July 3, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

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‘Stop wasting time on the internet!’

This is one of the titles in my free ebook, but I think it needs a bit more explaining…

As business owners we need people on the internet, people searching and finding our website is a good thing, yes? So what I’m talking about is as business owners we can spend way too much time on the internet looking for the latest thing we should be doing top help our business online,

Website content cheat sheet

May 17, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

CheatSheet Blog image

Are you stuck finding the time to pull all of your content together for your new website? In this article I’ll talk you through some key points and I’ll give you access to my ‘Website Content Cheat Sheet’ that will give you a easy checklist for pulling everything together for your designer.

Here’s a typical scenario that I know a lot of us struggle with in this industry, I have a new client and they have hired me to build them a beautiful new website and that’s a good thing,

My business networking event shock-horror!!

May 4, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

Network glog image


I attended my first networking event late last week at the illustrious Pullmans at the Central Coast. It was actually one of the only times I had ever been to one of these events, admittedly I normally do anything to avoid going them, but a very nice lady from the NSW Chamber of Commerce had sent me a complimentary pass, so I swallowed whatever it took and went along.

3 Reasons why LIVE CHAT is a great tool for your website

April 27, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

Live chat blog post image

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that customer service is crucial for the success for your business.

Being a business owner I understand the value of creating an engaging experience for these new customers that are coming to my website, if a new customer lands on the website chances are they probably come armed with a bunch of questions, so you need to be ready and active to respond those questions quickly.

3 of the best ways you can build your email list in 2017

April 23, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

email list image

Building an online community and creating an audience is the key to getting your customers engaged in your service or product.

One easy way you can do this is by collecting email addresses.

You’ve probably been stood in a cafe waiting to pay and you have noticed a fish bowl beside the till that says ‘Win a free meal for you and your lover this valentines day,

5 Digital marketing trends that will help you in 2017

April 21, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

Computer image

We’re well into the new year now and to make sure you’re on the right track this blog is going to address the direction your website and digital marketing should be heading in this year.

Let face it, digital making is a fast paced environment and keeping up to speed with all the new trends can be time consuming and hard work. This is especially true in the digital arena which is constantly evolving in order to cater to businesses and their marking strategies.

This is why you need to love your brand

April 17, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

If you’re not in love with your company’s branding, you’re not proud to be handing out your business card or directing people to your website, something is not right. In this article we’ll discuss exactly why you should be in love and you should be proud of your branding and why you should seek the help of a professional to work on it for you.

Where many companies we end up working with have previously fallen short is they don’t realise the importance of a strong logo and great branding.

Get your lazy website working for you!

April 9, 2017 By cartwheels cartwheels1 Comment

Get your lazy website working for you - Blog Post

A couple of weeks ago I told you how I helped my client get the most from the traffic that was coming to his website, here’s how it panned out.

My client, lets call him Mr X, has a rent roll business, you’re forgiven for not knowing what that is, it’s someone who sets up Real Estate Agencies for Real Estate guys and gals. I installed Google Analytics when I set up his website and wanted to get pro-active with him,

Your website is never finished

August 4, 2016 By cartwheels cartwheelsNo Comment

Your website it NEVER finished graphic

I read a quote the other day saying ‘Your website is never finished’ and as scary as this may sound, it’s actually a very healthy way at looking at things. Your website is the most important, most valuable and most profitable marketing tool you have, so why not keep it healthy and running to it’s full potential.
In the beginning…

At the start of your website when you’re getting all of those design elements together,