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‘Stop wasting time on the internet!’

This is one of the titles in my free ebook, but I think it needs a bit more explaining…

As business owners we need people on the internet, people searching and finding our website is a good thing, yes? So what I’m talking about is as business owners we can spend way too much time on the internet looking for the latest thing we should be doing top help our business online, which social media platform is the most effective, how to build email lists, special offers, coupons, email marketing the list goes on and on and even on…. I call this ‘White noise’ you end up spending more time checking through all these different resources that you actually end up going backwards. The thing is that there is a simple system that you can follow that is measurable and automated, so you can even seem to be doing it while you are asleep. This is ‘shared content’.

Ask yourself, what could you create that your clients would be interested in sharing with their peers. Types of content could include a blog post, a free report, a video interview, a free ebook or a podcast. The key is to make it as useful as possible to your client and make it easy for them to share.

Got something? Lets stick it on your blog… Many people use their blogs as a soap box for shouting ‘I’m great, look what I’ve done… blah, blah, blah….’  Think of your blog as being the most helpful tool for anyone that comes to your website, this could be the reason they keep coming back to your website, they might even subscribe to your website and if they are serious, they might even buy from your website or hire your services. A must have on your blog post page is social share buttons, you want to make it easy for people coming to your site to be able to share this content just by clicking on their preferred social link. Get it touch with us if you need assistance here but it should look something like this:

Social share icons

What next

Come up with a summary paragraph for your post and maybe a couple of bullet points, then pick your two favorite social media platforms that you use for your business and create a post.

I like to stick with these guys:

• LinkedIn

• Facebook

When you post the paragraph for your content, direct people back to your blog post with a link. Anyone who find this piece of content interesting and think other people in their field will find it useful will share it, so always make it super easy for them to do this. Usually anyone using social media could automatically share it with a Share’ button, like the one Facebook gives you, but our job is to drive more people back to the website where they can read the full article and then share it from there, driving more and more traffic back to the website creating more and more possibilities for new leads and new business.

You can read more about it and other helpful tips on my ebook that is free to download here.

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