3 Reasons why LIVE CHAT is a great tool for your website

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You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that customer service is crucial for the success for your business.

Being a business owner I understand the value of creating an engaging experience for these new customers that are coming to my website, if a new customer lands on the website chances are they probably come armed with a bunch of questions, so you need to be ready and active to respond those questions quickly. So how can you do this? A great way to start is with LIVE CHAT. LIVE CHAT is a simple plugin we have been adding to our customers websites and it allows customers to chat to your business in real-time.

Below we’ve outlined 3 critical reasons why LIVE CHAT is going to be beneficial to you and your business:

1. Real-time conversations with your future customers

Offering convenience to a future customer right from the word ‘go’ is a great first step, in today’s world people need things fast and if they can forego sending a long email outlining all their questions and use a real-time chat tool where they can fires questions at you, they will and you will have a far greater conversation rate with new customers. LIVE Chat is crucial for for answering customers issues, but also effective for businesses looking to provide advice to customers as they shop.

2. Stand out amongst your competitors

Whatever the industry, today’s market is highly competitive and can be overwhelming, which is why it is so important for your company to stand out and offer these kind of tools and services to your customers on your website. A LIVE CHAT program will show that your company is focused on the needs of your clients and your business is proactive about which solution you can offer them.

A study by Marketing Power, showed that in 2011, 58% of U.S. consumers say they’ve interacted with an e-retailer using live chat, up from 54% last year. Customers are 3 times more likely to buy if they can have instant direct personal interaction with the business. This figure is on the rise but it also tells us that there is a vast amount of businesses today not yet using a live chat program and therefore, an opportunity for your business to continue to dominate.

3. Increase in Conversions

Now that the experience on your website is more engaging if often results in a higher conversion rate, lets take a look at some stats: Customers who say they prefer LIVE CHAT, 79% customers said they did because they have their answers addresses quickly, they don’t have to wait for their support ticket to be queued and answered. 46% agreed it was the most efficient use of communications, this is according to Econsultancy.
If you are thinking LIVE CHAT could really help, live chat me through my website, it’s the little chat icon in the bottom right…. just type ‘hi’ and see just how easy it it to use, then we can set it up on your website.

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