We’re a company that believes if you need better retention with your product or better conversion rates you need better design, you can only get this through solid foundations and really knowing your user. We need to know who your user is and what is that one goal which your product is going to solve for them, only then can we understand what they like and how we’re going to shape their entire journey through your website, app or software.

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My name is Kristian D’Arney, I’m the founder of Cartwheels Digital and the creator of UX Gravity, a strategic User Experience road map product which lays the perfect foundations for the successful design and build for your next digital product.

I’ve been running and designing website and app projects over that last 10 years for clients around the world and the one thing which always amazes me is the lack of planning or focusing on the people who are actually using the end product. Every designer I came across was just designing the jobs based on their own assumptions as designers, not research or facts, this is why I created UX Gravity.

The companies we generally help offer award winning tech solutions for their customers but they fall short of offering an experience which is enjoyable, intuitive and truely memorable, the only way you can do this is through a great user experience design process and we love that UX Gravity gives us the perfect holistic roadmap to achieve this almost every time.

One of our recent customers doubled their ridership in just 6 months after we converted a borning PDF which was just sat on their website into a user friendly, interactive microsite which focused on exactly what the member needed to know and where threir money would be invested.

Here is what we’ll help you with

Our focus is to help you...

  • Creating the perfect road map, you will be able to streamline your service, what this means is you’ll be more efficient doing what you do.
  • Identify you users personas, you will be able to know who you’re working with, what this means is that you can tailor everything to your user, improve conversion rates on all of your product lines and stop wasting that marketing budget.
  • Give your users a highly intuative design, you will be able to capture your users attention and connect with them on an emotional level, which is why your product gets remembered.
  • Make your life easier

One of our longstanding clients recently said to me ‘Our staff make us look good, but you make us look great’.

Can we be doing do the same for you?

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We're excited to work with leaders and people whole genuinely want to improve the lives of their customers.

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