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UX Gravity will build that crucial bridge between your digital product and your users so you have a website or app which not only looks great, but gives your users an intuitive, enjoyable experience.

Do you get frustrated trying to improve product output but end up spending most of your time making changes to final tech? Wouldn’t it be great to reduce project timelines and have more control over scope changes so you can charge more and hire more staff to make everyones life easier.

We promise that after collaborating with us and working together you will not only have great website or App but a product that now speaks directly to the right user and will see us as a valuable partner for all of your future products.

Some companies believe that hiring a UX designer will just make their product look pretty. However this isn’t the case, your product, whether that’s an app or a website, needs a lot of research and planning done on it before we get to the design phase. We need to know what the user expects from your product, what are they using it for and what will give them a highly intuitive, emotional experience, then we’ll make it pretty… but the design will be based on facts not assumption.

What’s changed

There is an increasing digital understanding in your audience, more and more of your customers will be digital savvy and be use to using multiple devices for business and leisure time. What this means is your customer is more demanding than ever for a high quality, intuitive user experience.

Guaranteed within the next 2 years your competition will be becoming aware of this and looking to partner up with a UX design team, when they do you will be left behind. If you’re not providing a high-quality user experience, someone else will.

Introducing UX Gravity...

We’ve been getting great feedback with this product with clients saying ‘Our quality and our reliability was the amazing and our customer focus was the best they’ve ever seen’.

After running their product through UX Gravity our clients now feel their product can almost run itself and they can focus on what they need to do, like creating more products, hiring more staff, winning awards or just feel like they are killing it in their industry.

What you’re getting

UX Discovery

  • Pop up requesting participation and online survey
  • Remote focus group workshop
  • Product breakdown
  • Persona discovery
  • Habits discovery
  • Final report
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UX Visioning

  • Elements and functionality
  • User journeys
  • Other offers
  • Call to actions
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype
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  • Product mood board
  • Product Style guide
    - Image
    - typeface
    - colour
    - shape
    - buttons
  • Critical page concepts
  • Final design
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Next steps

Because UX Gravity gives you a 3 step road map you will be able to streamline your service, this means is you’ll be more efficient doing what you do. You can use any of our 3 products separately depending on what stage of your project you are up to or if you want the complete solution UX Gravity is a one time investment of $20,000

UX Discovery

Are you struggling to understand why your seeing below average conversion rates on your amazing new app or website?

If you really want good results for your website or app without having to go through rounds and rounds of expensive design iterations only hoping that your product it going to hit the mark, then UX Discovery is for you.

To build a house that will withstand the test of time you need great foundations, your project needs great foundation too. UX Discovery is where we start looking at your product, whether it’s a website or an app, how does it help the user achieve their goals. UX Discovery will go through the research process and promises to bridge the gap between your product and the user.

Admittedly this step in the life-cycle of your project isn’t for everyone, typically research is one of the most underrated areas of a project and therefore isn’t factored into the budget and worryingly gets left out.

But imagine having a great understanding of your users persona, what they like and what they need from your product, it would save you so much time, money and effort on all your future products.

If UX Discovery isn’t for you that’s cool, but we guarantee if you don’t know who your end user is going to be, what they like and what their goals are, you’ll be throwing your money away.

What you are getting

UX Discovery is a set of questions and activities which takes you through the process to unearth exactly who your target audience is and what they are wanting from your app or website.

This will give you a great foundation of which to build your entire marketing strategy and really help us develop your product into a highly intuitive, user friendly experience.

The report you get at the end of this will be your key to success for your entire project.

How it works

To get the most out of a discovery session we need the participation of a few key people involved in the project and several members from other areas within the company, staff with distance from the project can be a great advantage.

The discovery session will be held either remotely or locally depending on where you are geographically and we’ll break it down into these steps.

  1. Introduction and why we’re here
  2. The break down - lets talk about the product and what it does
  3. Users from a higher level
  4. Persona discovery
  5. Habits discovery

Next steps

If you want to say goodbye to frustration and really get your product talking to your users, book a UX Discovery session.

UX Discovery is a one time investment of $1,500

UX Vision

How to start conversations without redesigning expensive graphic layouts

Have you ever gone to a website and had to spend time searching around for the thing you’re looking for only to find out its not relevant to you?

UX Vision is our process where we use all the research to design the wireframes. Wireframes are a set of diagrams that map out your product and the users journeys to make sure everything flows well.

Where a design can get that quick response ‘That looks good’ wireframes have a more temporary feel and generate more feedback.

What you are getting


So why do we wireframe? In a nutshell, to save time and money! We’ve designed lots of digital products for lots of interesting and wonderful industries. From our experience we can categorically say that the biggest reason for scope creep is the oversight of features in a product, by that I mean the things that weren’t included in the original brief that should have been.

You can also say that it’s to avoid costly design changes. Design is a very subjective thing, it can be decided upon an ‘Oh yeah… like it! or a ‘No… I don’t like it, you’re fired’ decision, but that’s not what we are doing here, as UX designers we shouldn’t even be having that conversation about design until way… way down the track, that’s why we wireframe.

The reason why we take time getting our wireframes right for our clients is it saves us any project pain points further down the line. Making sure we, and the client knows what’s going where and why is one of the big contributors for the success of the project.

During the wireframe process we use our UX experience to ensure the navigation, sales funnels, call to actions buttons, content, footer etc etc etc is all managed to make sure every feature which has been added is bringing the most value and benefit to the end user.

Prototype testing

When all the wireframes are have been prepared a prototype will be built and sent out to focus groups (If we have one). This will make it easier to gather feedback and we can even set tests against different goals and monitor their activity.


  • It helps to deconstruct the content and see what should fit where
  • It’s easier to see how the design will flow
  • It helps test with users before design its added
  • Helps to test navigation without design noise
  • It helps to simplify flows
  • Saves time and effort

Next steps

If you want to say goodbye costly design changes UX Vision will help get everything nailed to the table before you start.

UX Vision is a one time investment of $8,500

UX Design

UX Design gives you the design ‘look good’ which means you will be able to capture your users attention, this means your website or app is going to connect emotionally to the user and will be remembered.

We start this process by looking at our research from the discovery sessions. Male, female, young or old this really helps determine colour, image and even font size used on your website or app.

Based on what we know about the user from the discovery sessions we will start to put together a style guide. Companies may already have a style guide, but this might be just for the company brand, what we need to start a successful look and feel for the website or app is a style guide specifically aimed at your product. It’s a given that your product style guide must adhere to any guidelines originally set up for brand, but certain elements may have to change.

What you are getting

Product Style guide

This will be a guideline for the end design, it will look at the following:


We’ll look at how the imagery we put along side the product can enhances the users overall experience. Imagery could be:

  • simple, clean
  • tech focused
  • product focused
  • people focused
  • real life or model head shots

Defined by what the product is being used for the typeface will be given a lot of care and attention. We firmly believe that typography is not only the practice of clarity in the written word, but through the typeface itself it can create emotion. Considerations can be:
- Is security important to the product, does the typeface need to be strong/bold, or
- Does the product need to invoke a feeling of premium quality with elegant fonts etc.


Should these be rounded or angular – What’s the product, what’s the brand?
Should they have micro-iterations animations on them to make them more appealing to press?


Part of any design process will look at how the colour make you feel, knowing who we are aiming your product at will decide background colours, type colours and icon colours. Colour is extremely important to gender, as a broad brushstroke women more attracted to brighter reds, pinks, oranges and men to blues and greens.

Another key consideration if we are working on an App for you are what environments will the product be used in, screen glare can be an important factor to consider when deciding on colour.

What you’re getting

2 x concepts will be prepared for the main screen, this will be a home page or the main lead page in the product.

These two designs will be at different ends of the design spectrum and they are specifically designed to do two things, you will either love one particular design or you will like bits of both and amalgamate them into one final design. This is why two designs are initially put forward to ensure the final design is going to excite your target audience.

Once the overall theme from Stage 1 has been approved Stage 2 will cover the following:
2 x visuals, the fundamental pages, this is a generic page in the product that will hold the body of information.
A call to action page, this will be a sales page/sign up page/contact page.

Following approval from Stage 1 & 2 the rest of the product will be designed.

Next steps

If you want to say goodbye the frustration that design can’t match your tech capabilities, book UX Design.

UX Design is a one time investment of $10,000

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